Ice-hole diving in a lake

In winter, there are so many Teambuilding and Incentive activity options in Vilnius that it is the same fun going to Lithuania as in summer. You can go with your team ice skating or ride sleighs pulled by the huskies or go ice fishing or… just dive into an ice-hole in a lake after a hot sauna. Just some minutes away from Vilnius, there is a charming countryside where you can spend some time in the frost sparkled quiet and peace.

Lithuanian sauna is a true place where you can forget all problems and concentrate on your own well being staying so close to the mother nature. After scrubbing yourself with a birch branch whisk in a sauna and being all warmed up, it is just the right time to jump into an ice hole in a lake to turn your immune system on and stay tuned.

You don’t need to be an ice diving expert in order to feel a bunch of positive and surprising emotions after the ice hole diving activity in Lithuania. It can be a day trip in between the conference days or a whole weekend of the Lithuanian countryside experience, no matter how much time you have for this activity, you will take great memories with you. Strengthen your health with various herbal tees, indulge in eating amazing vitamin rich local food and enjoy a hot sauna with an ice hole diving after it.

We can run it for groups of 50 persons

Activity lasts around 1 day

This activity can run in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia


  • Ice-hole diving in a lake close to Vilnius
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Learn about the local traditions and explore the Lithuanian countryside
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to strengthen their health and enjoy a serene beauty of the Lithuanian  nature.

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