Folklore Performance in Vilnius

A folklore performance in Vilnius is guided by a professional folklore group. During a folk concert, you might hear a unique polyphonic sutartine (round) performed on daudytes (wooden horns), rageliai (horns), or skudučai (pan pipes). Or you might hear instrumental versions of songs or maybe even shepherd singing called raliavimas, which is performed with lumzdeliai (recorders) or rageliai (horns).

It’s not a regular concert.  It’s a unique feast of song, dance and funny games, where you play an  important part. Once you get how it functions, you need to step out and show your folk talent!

We can run it for groups of 10-200 persons

Activity lasts around 3 hour

This activity can run in Vilnius


  • Folk performance in Vilnius
  • Meeting Lithuanian professional folk groups
  • Songs, dances and traditional games
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to learn about the Lithuanian traditional folk songs, dances and games and to apply all knowledge in order to make the best performance.

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