Art & Craft Workshop in Vilnius

Art & Craft workshop Incentive activity in Vilnius aims to connect the heritage with contemporary life and encourage establishment of ethnographic workshops, shops, art galleries and pubs. This will bring new experiences and knowledge about Vilnius history and traditions. Everyone who enters workshops is greeted by professional artists and craftsmen.

Užupis blacksmith museum – gallery

In this gallery you can learn about blacksmith trade, tools and history, visit exhibitions, view museum collection, and watch professional blacksmiths forging iron. Also you can try to forge an iron.

The black ceramics centre

Production process of black ceramics is presented by professional artists. The centre visitors can watch ceramics throwing and molding techniques buy ceramic articles, learn about the history of black ceramics.

Gallery “Vitražo manufaktūra“(Stained glass manufactory)

Seeking to introduce wider public to stained glass artists with educational degree in glass art, a stained glass masters established “Vitražo manufaktūra”. There you can see stained glass production and watch its process.

The Baltic amber art centre

Professional artist demonstrates amber cutting process and also lets the audience have try. Visitors are introduced to energetic, medical, industrial amber applications and its role in ancient pagan rituals.

Goldsmiths’ guild – gallery “Meno niša”

The gallery invites to see the newest jeweler articles of Lithuanian professional artists, buy or order an exclusive piece of jewelry, a precious stone or enamel article. The gallery will provide extensive information about articles of interest.

Textile Gallery “Aukso Avis”

Its main goal is mission to introduce our community to traditional and archaic Lithuanian textile trades by contemporary means. It also aims to invent new forms of artistic expression by combining and re-framing the archaic textile techniques (felt, weaving, needlework, ect.) with modern and well known methods.

We can run it for groups of 10-100 persons

Activity lasts around 3 hour

This activity can run in Vilnius


  • Art & Craft Workshop in Vilnius
  • Meeting Lithuanian professional artists
  • Educational sessions
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to learn about the Lithuanian arts and craft and apply a newly acquired knowledge during a workshop.

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