Treasure Hunt in Riga

This Treasure Hunt game is created based on your wishes and specification. What can be more exciting than striving for goal with your colleagues, challenging yourself in a string of activities and, finally, getting to your treasures? A personalized Teambuilding activity where every detail matters: history of the city, insights of your company, support of your colleagues and a lot of fun through the whole Treasure Hunt trip, moving from one station to another.

Your duty is to solve a task, following some clues and involving all capabilities of a team members which makes you be closer to your treasures with every step. Tasting, climbing, jumping, imitating, creating, guessing… and a lot more just to challenge yourself together with your colleagues.

This is one of the mostly loved Teambuilding activities in Riga due to its uniqueness regardless a number of participants., let it be 10 or 1000 treasure hunters, and regardless weather conditions.

You’re on a hunt to treasure in

Now hurry up and let’s begin!

We can run it for groups of 10-1000 persons

Activity lasts around 2 hours

This activity can run in Riga, Vilnius & Tallinn


  • Treasure Hunt in Riga Centre
  • Real Treasure maps of Riga
  • Challenge yourself
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to perform a role of a treasure hunter in Riga city.

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