Sketching Workshop Teambuilding

Come and sketch with the Riga Sketching School and Urbansketchers Latvia! A completely new Teambuilding activity in Riga  which reveals art and creativity in each one of you. Whether you have some time between the conference hours or a half day off as an Incentive activity, sketching workshop is so much fun.

There are several sketching workshop options that your team can select from. You can draw your own corporate postcard, completely plunge into a nature sketching or any other customized sketching session which we can create upon your wishes and needs.

In order to make your corporate Teambuilding activity in Riga even more pleasant, we can arrange a glass of wine with some snacks or a rich coffee break. After that, a personal sketching art exhibition will be organised where you can view the masterpieces of your colleagues and friends. The sketching workshop can be organised not only in Riga, but also in any other close by city. Botanical garden for nature sketching in the centre of Riga? What can be more relaxing and special than this Riga Art Teambuilding?

Draw your own postcard

Time: 2h
Group size: 6 – 40 people
Result – every participant has one or several postcards.
All sketching materials included

Nature sketching

Time: 3h
Group size in specific location: 6 – 40 people
Result – every participant has a sketch and skills to do nature sketching
All sketching materials included

Custom sketching sessions

Time: 2h – 3 days
Group size: 6 – 50 people
Result: to be agreed
All sketching materials included

Themes for sketching

• Introduction to sketching for beginners
• Urban sketching/architecture
• Art nouveau sketching
• Travel sketching
• Rooftops
• Nature sketching
• Food sketching
• Animal sketching
• Boat sketching
• Manors and palaces
• Reportage (market, street fashion, storytelling)

Why to sketch?

Through sketching we can develop:
skill of seeing/ noticing self-awareness, self-acceptance, acceptance of mistakes or even failure, boost creative decision making, learning to see details & big picture, stepping out of comfort zone as a habit, creative problem solving.

Sketching as a Riga Team Building experience:

Noticing and accepting differences of team members, (new) common experience in informal atmosphere, common pop-up exhibition, developing non-blocking culture, showing different perspectives, getting to know each others personalities, experience in unusual role setting.

Urbansketchers in Latvia

First sketchwalk in Riga was organised in 2017. So far, there were organised regular sketchwalks, weekend schools with artists from around the globe. In 2019 first Baltic Sketching Festival took place in Cēsis with ~400 participants. We have experience in organising drawing events for different group sizes and length.

We can run it for groups of 50 persons

Activity lasts around 2-4 hours

This activity can run in/ outside Riga


  • Sketching experience
  • Different sketching themes
  • Pop-up corporate exhibition
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to perform a role of a sketch artist.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about this activity or any of our other great events, simplay tell us a bit about your group and we will send you a no obligation proposal


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