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Are you searching for a special Teambuilding activity in Tallinn? Maybe it can even be combined with your conference which will be arranged in nature? ZIL safari and a ski hike in Koitjärve bog hikes are tailor-made Teambuilding projects. We specialize in organizing similar hikes on many different bogs.
Kõnnu Suursoo and Kakerdaja Bogs are better equipped for organizing trips for large groups.
There are campgrounds, toilets, campfire sites. Koitjärv instead is a pure nature hike without supporting infrastructure. Breaking into the wild nature and forgetting about everything!
We are glad to offer you 5 cars ZIL 131, 60 pairs of snowshoes and 60 pairs of hiking skis. Usually a car can hold up to 25 people. As you can see, this type of a Team Building in Tallinn can host big groups as well.
On top of it, we offer a number of other Incentive and Teambuilding activities in Estonia for large groups – 70 canoes, 15 rafting, 2 full size dragonboats, 17 UAZ safari SUVs. If you and your colleagues are of an active type then you are welcome to dive into the nature of Estonia. Canoe, rafting and safari riding can be organized as stand alone Teambuilding activity or we can even set up a whole day set of activities. Everything depends on your wishes and how much time you are willing to dedicate to these sport activities.
With the help of dragon patrols, we organize a hike on the Pirita River right in Tallinn, which is especially suitable for conference clients in case your group is tight in schedule but still want to experience a proper active Team Building activity in Tallinn.
Can you imagine an active adventure on the bog? It can be either a tour on hiking skis or safari with ZIL cars. We guarantee you having a lot of fun together while exploring the pure nature of Estonia. Added to that, your tour can be enriched by setting up a picnic by the river to make a pause during your rafting tour. Either a small group or a bigger one, we can organise an unforgettable nature experience in Estonia. We have 70 canoes, 15 rafting, 2 full size dragonboats, 17 UAZ safari SUVs, 5 ZIL 131 cars, 60 pairs of snowshoes and 60 pairs of hiking skis.
This type of activities can be organized on any bog of Estonia. This offer is for all nature and extreme lovers. Just give it a try and you will be willing to come to Estonia back again and again.


We can run it for groups of 10-70 persons

Activity lasts around 1 day

This activity can run in Estonia


  • Tailor-made Teambuilding project
  • Special activities in Estonia nature
  • Extreme emotions
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to explore the nature and participate in a set of Teambuilding activities.

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