Corporate Car Races in Tallinn Activity

Corporate car races can be arranged in Tallinn as well, with a use of a special equipment which will be built by your ow team. This is not only a challenge, it is also a lot of fun for everyone!

Each team will be given a set of various materials and one task – to build an corpoarte racing car which will be competing with other team racing cars. This Teambuilding activity implies a detailed planning, team management and sharing of responsibilities. Added to that, there will be a time pressure, making each team member work fast and precise.

After a racing car is built, every team can head to the starting point to start the race. Now you will need other talents such as being fast and aerodynamic in order to reach the final first and win the Tallinn corporate car race!

We can run it for groups of 10-200 persons

Activity lasts around 3 hours

This activity can run in Tallinn


  • Tallinn corporate races
  • Building racing car
  • Being fast and furious
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to perform a role of a racing car engineer, designer and a fast driver.

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