Demolition Derby Teambuilding in Tallinn

Have you tried a demolition derby Teambuilding activity in Tallinn? Just 30 minutes away from the Tallinn centre, you can try some adrenaline team building activities like demolishing old cars with your colleagues.

Take some old cars and ram each other with them until the cars last! This activity is all over full of adrenaline and we can not imagine anyone who will not be satisfied after this experience! You don´t need a driving license to do a demolition derby! You can be a driver and also a passenger because there are many rounds.

Demolition derby is totally safe because from all the cars have been removed airbags, front & back lights and redundant fuel. Demolition derby will be held in a circuit style and the speed will not go too fast. There is a decent big race track and the best mechanics team, who helps to keep the cars “alive” as long as possible. Still they can not make miracles, change gearbox etc. It all depends from your driving style how long the cars will last. Proper helmets are included to safety equipment.

Minimum amount of cars is 4 and there is 5th car as bonus. Duration approximately 2 hours.

We can run it for groups of 40 persons

Activity lasts around 2 hours

This activity can run in Tallinn


  • Demolition Derby in Tallinn
  • Adrenaline pure
  • Big race track
  • Event manager & crew

Team Roles

This team building activity requires every team member to participate in a demolition derby in Tallinn.

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