Virtual Meetings and Events Tool

MICE goes online! Regardless how challenging the global situation can be, all industries need to continue functioning which implies a tight communication with colleagues, partners and clients. Meetings and events can be organised on site within a country or can be also arranged in any place of the world. The Baltic countries can offer it all: from a wide variety of local and international hotels, up to cosy and spacious conference centres, creative and exciting Teambuilding & Incentive program in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Virtual Meetings and Events

Alternatively, you can arrange a meeting, training or a conference not leaving your office. Meaning, that you safe time, expenses and can get the most out of the virtual MICE world. That is exactly why we have gathered our extensive events experience and a wide range of resources and have implemented a solution that will benefit this pivot from offline to online: Virtual Events.
Our goal is to embrace all opportunities for online events and we guarantee that the message and learning objectives for the event will be achieved.

Because we are defined by the words agile, innovation and hard work, we are always a step ahead in our market with comprehensive support, strategy and best practices.

MyConnector tool for Virtual Events

That is why we are glad to offer you a MyConnector tool, specially developed for your VIRTUAL EVENTS. It’s a unique interactive tool that transfers the experience of an event from offline to online, without the need for a physical presence on site.

Virtual Events is a suitable and cost-effective solution for every type of event, from internal meetings to management meetings, seminars, workshops or large conferences. This interactive platform brings all the stakeholders involved in the event: participants, speakers, organizers, colleagues. It is incomparably more complex than a classic streaming technical solution.

With a wide range of solutions that can meet your needs and a global reach, this platform is standing by ready to assist. Here are a few benefits:

  • The platform dedicated to the event is graphically customizable and also allows the creation of a visual concept. We are also integrating a more immersive experience through 3D graphics, stage simulation, event entrance and exhibitors booth simulations.
  • The participants can register and access all the details related to the event. The event can be free-to-attend, invite-only or pay to participate, depending on your needs.
  • Participants can communicate and interact in real-time with each other and with the speakers during the sessions, but also with the exhibitors. A fully integrated chat system will be at your disposal and, also an event feed that you will keep you updated with what is going on during the event or what is coming up next.
  • Regardless of the reason you are looking to meet virtually, our platform enables you to keep meeting objectives on track and engage your audience in new, interactive ways – including online polls, chats, and Q&As
  • You can build your agenda with multiple sessions and connect a streaming service to your live conferences, or simply upload pre-recorded videos
  • The organizers can send participants real-time communications and organize various questionnaires.
  • The exhibiting companies can present their services and products online, interact with the participants directly from the browser and can qualify each lead according to their criteria. Surveys are also available after attending the event.

It is very important to remark that MyConnector conducts periodic security audits to prevent breaches and protect data from the platform. Each security audit is a “white-box” type and targets all integrated systems in the MyConnector ecosystem (API, Backend, Frontend).

We combine streaming video, live presentation slides, audience response, gamification and surveys into a platform that works on your laptop. It can handle complex, multi-room events and delivers a beautiful branded user journey creating a more complete experience.

You are always welcome to try the tool with us and we can guide you through its possibilities. Virtual Events are waiting for you to keep on expanding your knowledge within your professional area and to strengthen relationships with your colleagues and clients not leaving the office space.

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