Selfie Spinner Experience 360

You are planning a corporate event or a gala dinner with your colleagues and partners, then it is the right time to think of how to make your event even more special. Added to photo booths, there is a very unique selfie option  – Selfie Spinner Experience with 360 degrees. New format 360 degree video panorama! It is a great add on to corporate events, weddings, graduations beauty contests, fashion shows and gala dinners in the Baltics. Just within one hour can be created up to 35 videos.

How it works:  1-3 guests step on the platform – our stuff will give special recommendation to the guests, to get the best result in the final video.
We also offer confetti, banknotes, soap bubbles and other special attributes to make this activity even more fun.

The camera is rotating around the guest taking a video footage with high speed (200 frame per second), while turning around the guest. A special program processes the original video and adds video, music, your logo screen saver in just one minute.

You can instantly upload a ready made video roll to a dedicated website and guests can instantly email or post to social networks. WOW effect is guaranteed! We know that guests are always happy to share a video on social networks during the event or they can also download/upload their video on Social networks after the event.

It is possible to brand a video roller. As well as branding the platform, the back banner gives the hand special attributes.

The filming area is not tied to a specific background or location! We can also park the Selfie Spinner 360 on the street. Using a professional light allows you to work in any light condition or even without light. It takes up to 30 minutes to assemble and install the equipment.

We can run it for groups of 150 persons

Activity lasts the whole evening

This activity can run in the Baltics

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