Pop up bar at corporate events

Have you selected a venue and started planning a program for your event? If it is a venue location then we need to think of every detail like catering, entertainment, decoration, light & sound. What about a bar area at your event? We can bring it and arrange it for you at any selected venue in the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. A pop up bar in the Baltics is a perfect experience to make your corporate event special an interactive.

Let’s bring quest bartenders to the game while making awesome plans and events.  The idea is to make your corporate  events even cooler and get a lifetime experience for your team with a pop up bar in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania.

Pop up bar in the Baltics at corporate events

We are glad to offer a pop-up bar from Estonia, called “Hulkur” (if you translate, it means Hobo), that offers bar services all around Europe and where ever needed. This is a perfect corporate event product during big public and private events. Offering fully serviced pop up bar with bartenders and everything essential, your event can be fun anywhere you plan it.

There is plenty of drinks and ingredients used at the pop up bar, making the drink menu be specially prepared for your event. We can even put the bar into flames which will create a special event atmosphere. The pop up bar team is full of positive energy because the bartenders are being chosen by their character, not skills. Skills can be learned, personality can’t be changed.

Once a corporate event is defined, we can serve appropriate drinks, show the flamework and add some sparkle. All equipment of the pop up bar in the Baltics is modular and can be easily put up and serve a party up to 2000 guests. The main bar is built up in metric system, 1 meter per barkeeper and 6 meters in total. For example, it can be used as 3 separate bars (2+2+2). The bar’s first panel is made of fiber and can be customized according to the wishes of the client, let it be a logo, event theme, etc.

We can run it for groups of 2000 persons

Activity lasts around 3 - 10 h

This activity can run in the Baltics

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