Magical events in Riga Circus

Excursion – performance in Riga Circus

Want to look into the hidden chambers in an exciting excursion of Riga Circus? Come here to experience one of the oldest circus buildings in Europe through a compelling story of an old lady – performance available in three languages simultaneously!

The excursion performance “The Wonderers” in the circus building is a site-specific audience-involving show to be experienced individually assisted by an audio guide. During the show, the circus building will tell its life story, introducing you to the amazing circus artists and events that have taken place over its 130 year-long history. This time, you will be allowed to uncover the secrets and look inside the rooms behind the curtain where magic is being shaped and prepared for the arena: joy, energy, blood, sweat and tears, and great responsibility, fear, concentration and excitement – you will experience all these feelings and emotions during the vivacious expedition to the heart of the circus.

One show available strictly for 20 people (due to technical possibilities)

Event length: approx.1h40min

Age limit: 14+

Magical events in Riga Circus

Looking for a unique venue for your event? Look no further, because Riga Circus is not only charismatic and historic place, full of exciting corners and life stories, but also available for events only until the end of year 2020 when it will close for renovations!

Award ceremonies, film viewings, lectures and small conferences – different events, that require unique atmosphere can be held here. The grand 130 years old arena with the historic dome is one of the most unique venues in Riga as well as in Europe. Besides that an all-equipped black-box hall with stage is available and one of the most exotic rooms available for events is the Elephant house where up to 5 elephants were housed, but now it usually hosts exhibitions and other events. The possibilities reach as far as your imagination goes – just ask us for a viewing!

Available rooms:
Circus arena 129m2(without the seating part), up to 200 people (in the central part) or 500 (seated)

Small stage (black box stage) 201m2, up to 50 people (seated)

Elephant house 125m2

Training room of Riga Circus School 69 m2 (up to 15 people/training)

Circus school activities for your events

Have you ever wanted to learn juggling or any other circus discipline? Riga Circus School offers super fun activities for big or small events – festivals, corporate parties as well as team building for various groups!

Juggling, ability to hold your balance and concentration, skills in acting, agility and good cooperation skills – those are skills, that you will find useful not only in circus, but also in your daily life! For companies we offer various activities, that can be organized individually or as a package deal for bigger groups – within our circus building or in your premises. The good thing is – we can offer fun for any age group and also larger groups.

Potential offers:

Party for kids and grown ups with 2 circus stations (up to 20 people)
Different circus disciplines for kids or adults (up to 20 people)
Team building through circus disciplines
Circus playground for kids and grown ups (40 – 200 people)

We can run it for groups of 500 persons

Activity lasts around 3 h

This activity can run in Riga

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