Fire Show

Your birthday, wedding and any corporate celebration is sure to become brighter and more memorable if you add a spectacular Fire Show as a culminating event!

Performances include Fire show (13-18 min) with pyrotechnic finale;

PREMIUM class  steampunk program “Alice in Wonderland” (6 artists): a 20-minute performance in steampunk entourage, vintage costumes, a duel on fire weapons and an impressive amount of fireworks and pyrotechnics ;

In addition to the main dance show with fiery props for 2-6 artists, we also offer:

–  Breathing fire, spinning fire on stilts, colored smoke;

      – Pyrotechnic letters, numbers and symbols (initials, dates, hearts);

      – Photos with costumed artists and fire props).

Classic show

Classic show is designed to amaze kids and adults alike – no matter the cause of the celebration: the show includes flames, dancing and fireworks  – and is deliberately designed to get the audience acquainted with the wonders of our fiery art!


Orchestrated for biker fests, this program is designed to inspire all those who get to choose their road themselves, all those who have hot metal running through their veins. Ideally suitable for rock-admirers, risk-lovers and thunderhearts!


Folk tunes, ethnic costumes and graceful fire dances fascinate the audience and create a unique mystical atmosphere, evoking nostalgia for the times we were close to nature. This program has always been especially welcome at town festivals and thematic events.


This show needs to be individually created to match the options provided by the stage. The performance spot has to match a set of safety standards, that are decided upon prior to the show: this includes ventilability, absence of flammable materials, unoccupied stage space, etc.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Steampunk-style theatrical performance based on the works of L. Carroll.

A fantastic plot, a battery of pyrotechnics, scenical fights and graceful dances – and tons of flame, of course! You can even go a bit crazy upon witnessing such an extravaganza of fairytale characters and amazing events on the stage! Unless, of course, you forget that you are no longer in your own world: welcome to Wonderland!


– sustain the mastery of their art by practising it for several years, minimum. (2 to 7, at least);

– wield a wide arsenal of props (staffs, poi, fans, comets, torches, etc.);

– are dressed appropriately while performing (corsets, shirts), and always have the stage properly marked;

– possess unique and magnetic personalities, bringing a bit of fun to even the most routine-filled events;

–pick up any litter or burned firework packages, keeping your place clean.

Let your event become the brightest and the most memorable one ever!

We can run it for groups of unlimited persons

Activity lasts around 30 min

This activity can run in Riga

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