Estonian Gourmet Evening

This is not the typical Estonian dinner. This is the absolute cream of the crop, prepared by a true connoisseur de cuisine. The Estonian gourmet evening in Tallinn will be prepared individually for your group, taking into consideration all the wishes. At this dining event, guests are welcomed with a sip of aperitif, invited to the wine cellar for a degustation of the finest wines, then guided through a special, traditional Estonian menu prepared in French cuisine style as the owner explains the philosophy behind these award-winning gourmet meals. In order to stimulate all the senses, the gourmet evening is spiced up by dance performances.

It will be a blending of Tallinn gourmet experiences and traditions where you will be an active participant. Once you see a national dance performance, you will be invited to try it yourself and fully enjoy the Tallinn gourmet Teambuilding.

We can run it for groups of 300 persons

Activity lasts around 4 hours

This activity can run in Tallinn

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