Hotel Gutenbergs

There are 38 cozy rooms of various design. Every convenience – a bath or a shower, TV, WIFI, a phone, a mini-bar, a safe, heated floors in the bathroom and other extras. Breakfast included.

The buildings of the hotel were built in the XVI and XIX centuries for needs of a printing-house. Since then Johannes Gutenberg – the well-known patrician of Mainz, inventor of the polygraph in 1550 – is the patron of these buildings; his bas-relief bedecks the gorgeous facade of the buildings. In 2001, when the hotel was opened, Johannes Gutenbergs kindly agreed to be also the patron of the hotel.

Accommodating at the Gutenbergs you are definitely being in Riga! Everything here – the paintings, engravings, antique fancy articles, old books in the guest rooms and the corridors – is like a story about the history of Riga. In the 1st floors hall – beautiful copies of the famous Gutenberg Bible and the ancient times printing engravings, books; in the 2nd floors hall – landscapes from 17th century Latvia and Riga, and on the 3rd floor – original paintings of Latvian painters and a portrait-story about Latvian intelligentsia.

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